Become a Mentee

By becoming a mentee you will not only be introduced to a mentor within the WordPress community
but you’ll have access to our growing network of women and be able to participate in other activities

To be a mentee on the programme you should be:

Working at a business in the WordPress ecosystem
Actively thinking about your career development, for example:
Preparing for a promotion
Looking for a new role
Seeking to develop or have more impact within your current role
Proactive and accountable for your career development

Mentee expectations

To enter the mentoring program with clear career goals
To be open to receiving feedback
To fully engage with the programme by preparing for and attending your 1:1s
Take a proactive approach to your learning and development. Mentors will facilitate your growth by asking questions and providing insight but you are accountable for your growth.
To not expect your mentor to solve your problems – they are a supportive sounding board 
To keep anything shared by the mentor confidential
Provide feedback on your mentoring experience

Mentee Benefits

Developing strengths and overcoming weaknesses
Get support on overcoming business challenges
To build an understanding and prepare you for the next step of your career
Improve your confidence
Build your business network
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